Euro Support office in the ancient center of Amersfoort


Since 1987 Euro Support BV has been active in the field of catalyst marketing and catalyst toll manufacturing.

We offer:

  1. Claus sulfur recovery catalysts and activated alumina adsorbents as well as UOP’s Versal range of forming grade Pseudo Boehmite alumina powders.
  2. Toll catalyst manufacturing and custom made Proprietary Catalysts for the petrochemical industry.
  3. Specialty titanias and zirconias for catalyst production.

Since 1995, Euro Support BV has been producing custom-made catalysts in the catalyst plant then owned by Chemopetrol in Litvínov, The Czech Republic. This plant was started during 1950 as a strategic operation that would leave the former Czechoslovakia independent from catalyst imports. Through a very close cooperation with the Research Institute at the same site, several processes and catalyst systems were developed and operated. Together with the university in Prague several high activity /selective copper catalysts for selective hydrogenation were developed. Many of these catalysts still find their usage in the industry. During 2001 Eurosupport Manufacturing Czechia, s.r.o. was established, and in 2003 we obtained full ownership of the catalyst plant.

One of the main new investments was the building of the catalytic grade TiO2 production facility. This highly flexible unit produces a large range of catalytic grade titania products. We invite you to the sections on our website where more detailed information can be found regarding our activities.

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